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Stuff talked about on Kelly McKay's show.

The Best And Worst List

If anyone had ever told me my Australian Shepherd Spot was a worthless excuse for a dog there would have been a throw down!  That's how Bulldog owners probably feel after reading this. Read more...

Underwater Puppies!

And I thought I had a great job!  Photographer Seth Casteel plays in the water with animals and babies to make his living.  His Underwater Puppies photos are awesome and guaranteed to make you smile.  Read more...

Animals And Autism

This is the story about an abused dog that managed to help a serverly autistic boy come out of his shell. Some of the pictures in the story are very upsetting. Be prepared. Read more...

A Dog And His Seeing Eye Chihuahua

Meet Isaac and his little friend.  The shelter is hoping to adopt them out together as they really need each other.  Read more...

Daily Dilemma- Crazy Dog Lady

Dear Kelly,