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Stuff talked about on Kelly McKay's show.

Trucker Drives Lost Dog Home

It doesn't sound like such a big thing, that a trucker drove a lost dog home, until you hear that he had to drive over 1300 miles to deliver the 95-lb animal to his family!  Only an animal lover would do that.   Read more...

Skydiving Dogs- Animal Abuse?

I think it's horrible that some people are taking their dogs skydiving.  The pet owner in this video says his dog loved it.  How does he know?!!!! Read more...

Dog Teaches Baby To Crawl

I laughed out loud when I saw this video so I had to share with the class.  Dogs are so darned smart, and this one was on a mission to teach "his" baby to crawl.  Enjoy!  Read more...

Dog Test... 'Dognition'

Think your dog is really smart? Test his I.Q with this test


Doggone it La Toya!

La Toya Jackson has given her newest addition the same name as one of Michael's kids! Check out her explanation. Read more...

Podcast - Recent Daily Dilemmas

In case you missed some of the latest drama, take a listen. Read more...