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Fake Dating Profile

A comedy writer set up a fake on-line dating profile as a joke, and was shocked to see how many men were interested in dating a woman this horrible.  Take a look! Read more...

Bad Dating Advice From Celebrities

Check out the bad advice here.

New First Date Ideas

Dont you get sick of dinner and a movie? Here are some fresh ideas for a fun first date except the paddle boarding one! Read more...

Daily Dilemma - Extreme Couponing Meets Dating

Hi Kelly,

How to Know He Likes You

If you've ever found yourself interested in a shy guy, you already know how difficult it can be to read signals from him. Here are seven signs that a guy wants to take your friendship to the next level. Read more...

Daily Dilemma - My Date Stinks!

Dear Kelly,
I feel horrible writing about this but I met a guy who I really like- except for one huge, glaring flaw.  Whenever he gets nervous he has terrible body odor.  When we first met it was in a group setting; just a bunch of friends getting together Read more...

Daily Dilemma - Mr. Mom Turnoff

Dear Kelly,

I met a guy at the grocery store and I was immediately attracted to him.  We went for a coffee and chatted some more and I found him really interesting.  Then, after emailing and talking on the phone for a couple of days he shared with me that he's a stay at home dad with a 2-year old.  He says he doesn't have to work because his ex makes a lot of money, so he's raising their child and she gets visitation on Wednesdays and every other weekend.  Is it horrible that I'm now turned off after finding out he doesn't have a real job?


Gainfully Employed

Dear G.E.,

You can't help how you feel so, no, I don't think it's horrible that you're not attracted to a man who doesn't work outside of the home.  I'm sure you know stay-at-home parents work their butts off and rarely get a time for themselves, but just because you understand and respect what he's doing doesn't mean you should force yourself to date him.  To be honest, I would wonder how in the world he'd ever have time to date if he only gets Wednesdays and every other weekend off from parenting.  Would he want to bring his child with him when you go to dinner?  That would be awkward.  I think he needs to find a single mom to date who relates to his situation and you just need to go back to the drawing board too.

Good Luck!

Kelly McKay