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The Most Christmassy Places in the World

While you probably wouldn't think of the Phillipines as beng a "Christmassy" destination, its population is predominantly Christian. They even have the longest Christmas season in the world, with festivities lasting through January. Check out some of the other cool places to get your holidays on. Read more...

Daily Dilemma - Your Gifts Are Too Lavish

Dear Kelly,
My sister has a lot of money and always overdoes it for us at Christmas and that makes me feel really bad.  Even when my husband was working we were just making ends meet and barely able to do Christmas for our own kids.  So, needless to say, all I can ever do for her is bake cookies or make some sort of craft.  I w Read more...

Perverted Kids Toys

This article is the apotheosis of the phrase, "It's all in HOW you look it". But, a word of warning - these may make you blush. Read more...


The folks from want us to start shopping for the holidays NOW, and even have a mascot to help motivate us. Read more...