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Daily Dilemma - My Boyfriend, the "Plumber"

Dear Kelly,


I need advice from the guys on how to hire a plumber without hurting my boyfriend's feelings.  We don't live together but he knows how I struggle financially to maintain the house while raising three kids so when the toilet in the boys' bathroom broke Read more...

Podcast Recent Daily Dilemma - Hypochondriac

In case you missed my recent daily dilemma, regarding the hypochondriac boyfriend, here's the audio. Read more...

Podcast - Recent Daily Dilemmas

In case you missed some of the latest drama, take a listen. Read more...

Daily Dilemma - Love Me, Love My Job

I'm a 30-something career oriented woman with a very busy schedule.  I've worked hard to get where I am in my professional life but I'm also wanting more of a personal life.  The problem is that any time I meet a man and start dating, he eve Read more...

Daily Dilemma- You Don't Know Him Like I Do

Hi Kelly,

Lady Gaga's Boyfriend

I am so excited that Taylor has a new show starting next week on NBC.  I'm already wearing a drool bib in preparation! Read more...