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Stuff talked about on Kelly McKay's show.

Crazy Awesome Employee Perks

Really?  An employer that offers employees free beer every day and a take home 12-pack a week?   On the job perks ROCK! Read more...

Golf Clap for Asheville, NC.

A golf clap goes out to Asheville, NC for being named one of the top 8 Beer Cities in the U.S. Check out the list here. Read more...

Beer Causes Broken Bones

Anew study shows that men with beer bellies are very susceptible to developing osteoporosis. The reason is that fat accumulates around the belly, causing a reduction in a certain hormone. Read more...

Beer Beneficial to Cancer Survivors

Will Farrell's sold-out Will Powered Craft Beer Bus and Jumpsuit Jubilee Tour is giving the proceeds to Cancer for College, an organization that awards scholarships to cancer-survivors and amputees. Read more. Read more...