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Daily Dilemma- Obsessed With Her Child

Dear Kelly, 

My friend is obsessed with her 4-year-old daughter and not in the way a typical parent would feel for their child.  She refuses to go anywhere without her- even out for drinks with friends.  She lets her daughter sleep with her every night, much to her husband's dismay.  Heck, she never even put a big girl bed in the nursery!  He daughter's room is still set up for a baby.  To be honest, I'm really surprised she's not breast feeding.  I've tried to tell her that a little distance would do them both good but she doesn't want to hear it.  She's now talking about home schooling the poor kid which I think is a very unhealthy move for both of them, considering the circumstances. 


Worried Friend

Dear Worried,

Heaven forbid her husband divorce her and get shared custody.  What in the world would she do with herself the 3 or 4 days a week that he would have their child.  It's fine to eat, sleep and breathe your kids- but you also have to be a functioning human being who does things, has friends, goes places, and enjoys life.  What is she teaching her daughter?  I think you and the hubby need to have an intervention and insist she get counseling.  The two of them can't be having the best of relationships right now, since she's so clingy with their daughter, and I'd bet he'd love to get back to having date nights and weekend getaways.  Talk to him!

Keep me posted,

Kelly McKay

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