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Daily Dilemma- He's Using Her

Dear Kelly, 

I have a friend who has been dating a woman for quite a while now while telling me he's just not that into her.  Meanwhile, I've seen them together and know she's very into him.  He says she's a grown up and should know that sex doesn't equal love but most women do assume that if a guy is seeing her regularly, and intimate with her, then there's a chance of a commitment down the road.  According to him, that's the furthest thing from his mind.  Should I keep on him about sharing his true feelings with her or just stay out of it?


Feeling Bad

Dear F.B.,

I don't blame you for feeling bad for the gal your friend is dating but he is right, she's a grown woman and should know better than to read into anything.  If she hasn't asked him about his intentions then it's her fault if she ends up getting let down in the end.  I suggest you stay out of it and hope the gal finally asks the question that is most likely on her mind every time she sees him; "Is this going anywhere?". 

Keep me posted,

Kelly McKay

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