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Daily Dilemma- Forced Friendship

Dear Kelly,  Anytime I share news with my sister-in-law about a party that I'm going to or a trip I'm going on, she either invites herself along or just shows up as a "Surprise".  And it's impossible for her NOT to find out what I'm doing even if I don't tell her, because both my big mouth brother and my mom feel that I should include her in everything because she needs friends.   I know she's family but she's no one I'd want to be close friends with and I'm really tired of my family pushing her on me.  Am I being horrible?


Not My Friend

Dear N.M.F.,  You're not horrible.  I agree that you shouldn't be forced into spending time with someone you don't feel a natural kinship with- family or not.  Your sister-in-law deserves better and I would imagine her feelings would be hurt if she knew you didn't want her around and that your family was forcing her on you.  Even if you don't think of her as a friend try to think of someone who would click with her, personality-wise, and be kind enough to try to put the two of them together.  Everyone needs friends and there isn't person on the planet incapable of being liked by someone. 

Good luck!

Kelly McKay

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