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Daily Dilemma - The Pool Hog

Dear Kelly,

I had a pool installed in my back yard because I hate going to the community pool where all the big kids jump on my 5 year-old.  The minute it was finished and filled all the surrounding neighbors asked when the water will be warm enough to swim, then added that they're excited to have a pool right next door.  How can I politely tell them they're not invited- while remaining on friendly terms?


The Pool Hog


Dear T.P.H.,

I don't blame you for not wanting to extend an open invitation to your pool for the surrounding neighbors.  There's a huge liability involved with anyone setting foot on your property, and swimming pools are an insurance company's nightmare.  Can you imagine if you allowed them to come and go as they please and then someone drowns while you're not even home?  You'd be financial liable and you'd feel responsible, so don't go there.  Don't even through a pool party thinking they'd be okay swimming in it once then going to the community pool for the rest of the Summer.  Once they get a taste of paradise next door, they'll be nagging you about coming over all the time. 

Just say NO! 

Kelly McKay

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