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Daily Dilemma- Wants To Call Animal Control

Dear Kelly,

I live next to an older lady who rescues dogs to the point where I feel she's got a hoarding problem.  She lives alone and has close to 15 rescues right now which keeps in the house most of the time.  Because of her age and the amount of animals in the home her living conditions are suffering terribly, and I can't imagine the animals are getting properly cared for either.  To add to the situation, when the dogs are outside I'm afraid to be in the yard with my toddler as the dogs bark and slam themselves at our fence the entire time.  I'm struggling with the idea of calling animal control, yet I worry that her emotional health will suffer if the dogs are taken away.

What do you think?

Struggling Animal Lover

Dear S.A.L.,

If there's any chance the animals are being neglected, whether it's because she can't keep their living conditions clean or afford to feed them or take them to the vet, then I do think you should call animal control.  If you personally just think it's gross to have 15 dogs in a house, or want to relieve yourself of the nuisance, then I wouldn't make the call.  Instead, report the barking issue and have an animal control officer visit with her.  Then the situation will be in the officer's hands to do something more- if the need exists.

Good luck!

Kelly McKay

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