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Daily Dilemma- Sexist Husband

Dear Kelly,

I heard what your boss jokingly said about you needing to get a wife instead of buying a Roomba vacuum, and I had to write because I mistakenly married a man who really feels that's all women are good for.  Well, cleaning, cooking, having sex with them when they demand it, and raising kids.  I work, but that's because I finally went out and got a job behind his back, but now he complains every day when I'm getting ready in the morning which makes me dread getting out of bed.  We have two small children so I would rather try to work on our marriage instead of running for the hills, but can a man with these old school ideals change?


Hating my life

Dear Hating,

If you're hating your life it's likely your children are picking up on your unhappiness.  Even if the kids are 5 and 6, they're old enough to know that mommy doesn't smile and laugh a lot and that mommy and daddy never have fun together.  I would never tell anyone to rush out and get a divorce, but I do highly recommend you attempt to get him into counseling.  If he refuses to talk to an unbiased third party about your marriage, then I do think you should get away from him so your kids have a chance to grow up knowing what it's like to live in a loving and happy home. 

Keep me posted,

Kelly McKay

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