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Daily Dilemma- Anorexic?

Dear Kelly, I have a friend who is underweight yet says things like "I have to punish myself in the gym because I ate a burger".  I'm wondering if you or your listeners can suggest a subtle way for me to get her to realize that she needs help?  At this point, I'm really worried she'll become anorexic.


Concerned Friend

Dear Concerned,

Weight loss, and weight gain, is a personally journey.  When I weighed 225 lbs. the comments I heard from friends and family only made me want to eat more.  When I got down to 132 lbs., which is very thin for me as 138 lbs. is healthy and comfortable, friends and family kept telling me that I was too thin and that I needed to eat a sandwich.  Those comments made me want to eat less and work out harder.  I don't know what my listeners will suggest but, from personal experience, I don't think you should say anything.  Love her and accept her as she is and hope that she realizes soon that she needs to workout less and eat a little more.  I finally did, but now I need to lose 6 lbs. to get back to my comfortable 138!  Play you gotta pay.

Good luck,

Kelly McKay

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