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Daily Dilemma- Bullied In School

Dear Kelly,

It only took one day of my daughter being back to school for the bullying to start.  She's the smallest one in her class and she stutters, so you can only imagine how she gets picked on.  Last year I'd gone to her teacher, and the principal and yet nothing changed.  My daughter hates school and is constantly stressed and miserable and she's only in 4th grade.  I wonder if other parents have advice they can share because I'm at a loss of what to do.


Heartbroken Mom

Dear Heartbroken,

If you're unable to change your daughter's school, or homeschool her, I suggest you go above your principal's head and contact the school board or administrator's office.  You can also start a social media campaign slamming the school for allowing bullying, and contact WBTV to request they do a news report on the issue.  Keep in mind that going that route will mean your daughter will need to be interviewed and mentioned on-line, and she may feel that adds to her problem.  So before doing anything public talk to her and ask her how she feels about the situation.  She may only be in the 4th grade, but she has a right to choose how her school bullies are dealt with.

Good luck,

Former Bullied Kid (Kelly McKay)

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