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Daily Dilemma- Crazy Sister

Dear Kelly,

My sister is an unmedicated bipolar who constantly makes a scene at even the smallest family event.  During her latest visit to my house she was upset with me over something that happened 25 years ago and decided to attack me in the kitchen while I was making dinner for her and her family.  Needless to say, our nephew's wedding is coming up and we don't want her to come but we'd love for her husband and children to be there.  Yet how can we make that happen?

Any ideas?

Wanting To Avoid Drama

Dear W.T.A.D.,

If you're close to your brother-in-law and have his cell number, call him during the workday and see if he has a spare minute to chat.  He may not want to go to the wedding, considering everyone knows how unwell his wife is which may make him feel uncomfortable, but you'll never know until you talk to him. If you don't have his cell and you know where he works, send an invitation to him there and include your number so he can call you.  It's nice that you want to include him and the kids because they shouldn't have to feel ostracized because your sister refuses to get the help she desperately needs. 

Good luck!

Kelly McKay