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Daily Dilemma- Anti-Beard

Dear Kelly,

I'm on a mission to get my husband to shave his beard but it's not going to be easy because he's had it for several years and seems to have grown attached to it.  When we first met he was clean shaven.  Then he grew a goatee and then shaved it and tried a mustache for a few months.  Personally, I can handle a little facial hair but I really hate kissing him when he's got a full beard.  It's such a turn off!  Can you help me come up with ways to encourage him to shave?

Please and thank you,


Dear A.B.,

I think you need to be honest with your husband and tell him that his beard creeps you out.  Have you noticed that your intimacy has decreased since he's grown it?  If so, explain that you have an unreasonable dislike of beards and can't help being turned off by his.  Remind him of how much more affectionate you were before the beard, and ask him to shave it to see how things change between the two of you.  Once you level with him,  I can't imagine he'd choose his beard over you!

Good luck,

Kelly McKay

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