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Daily Dilemma- Really Didn't Mean It

Dear Kelly,

I'd said something to a neighbor, months ago, that was one of those things you say to be polite but don't really mean.  The problem is, she took me seriously and now I have a huge dilemma on my hands.  She had mentioned that she wanted to host her family reunion but her house was too small to hold everyone, so I'd said she could always use mine too then there'd be plenty of room.  What do you know, she immediately told her family that she was hosting this years party and she just thought to mention to me that the date is set for next Saturday.  Even worse, she has 100 people coming!  I don't want 100 strangers in my house when I never intended for her to take me up on the offer in the first place! Help!


Big Mouth In Ballantyne

Dear Big Mouth,

It's too late.  You offered, she took you up on it, the party is planned and the date is set.  The best you can do is talk to her about her set-up plans and see if she's renting tables, chairs, and tents so you can keep everyone outside until they need to come in to use the restroom.  If she hadn't thought of it, make it happen.  Then, if she lives right next door to you make a plan to utilize space in both yards and homes so not all 100 will be at your place the whole time.  Just remember, the next time you think of offering up something to a friend or acquaintance, make sure you're serious about it as most everyone will assume you are!

Good luck!

Kelly McKay