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Daily Dilemma- The Foot Offender

Dear Kelly,

My new boyfriend has the opposite of a foot fetish- it's more like foot repulsion.  That being said I can't wear flip-flops, sandals, or open toed shoes of any kind when I'm with him.  If I do he's openly disgusted by the thought of my nearly bare feet being within close proximity to him, and he goes to great lengths to overt his eyes at all times.  We haven't yet been intimate but I have asked him how we'll handle his foot repulsion if we sleep together.  He replied, "Just wear socks."  As silly as this issue may seem to some I don't know if I can be with someone who's disgusted by any of my body parts.


 The Foot Offender


Dear T.F.O.,

How dare you subject this poor man to your unsightly Gunboats!  Have you no shame?  Joking aside it's not realistic for you to keep your feet covered for the rest of your life, so either he's going to need counseling and medication to learn to cope with his foot repulsion, or you need to move on.  Feet aren't the prettiest part of the body, nor are they the cleanest, but I seriously doubt he's completely offended by his own.  I'm wondering what other serious issues he has and how they've all manifested.  Where is this foot repulsion coming from?  Personally, I'd choose option B and would move on if I were in your shoes (no pun). 

Best of luck,

Kelly McKay

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