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Daily Dilemma- Playing House

Dear Kelly,

I am currently living with my boyfriend of almost 4 years; we are happy and there are not many problems. My only issue is that I don't know how much is too much and what isn't enough when it comes to chores. I would like to marry him one day so I feel like a lot of  the time I should be "mommy home-maker" but at other times I don't wanna give him too much.  Make sense?  How can I make him want to marry me without giving him everything before the commitment?


Young and Confused

Dear Y.C.,

No matter what you do you're not going to make a man want to marry you if he isn't in love with you.  If you're both young he may just be with you for the convenience of it and shared expenses.  I suggest you treat him the way you would a roommate.  Have fun, hang out, be respectful and considerate- but DO NOT play house!  Only cook if you feel like eating, share the chores with him, and make sure he's doing his own laundry.  If it's meant to be it will be, whether or not you break your back trying to show him that you care.

Good luck!

Kelly McKay

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