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Daily Dilemma- Unwanted Invites

Dear Kelly,

I'm getting pretty overwhelmed with how popular I am these days, and by that I mean I'm up to my ears in party invites and I just can't take it anymore!  It seems everyone I know is either having a baby, getting married, has a kid who is graduating, or is trying to sell candles, or jewelry, or kitchen crap.  I'm not made of money and whenever I'm invited to a party that means I need to spend money I don't have to either buy a gift or order something that I don't want.  Is it horrible to want to decline every invite and just hide in my home for the next few months?


Broke and Venting

Dear B.V.,

You don't need to hide in your home for the next few months in order to avoid party invites or the people who send them to you.  Only attend the parties of people you really like.  When you go, if it's a birthday or graduation, buying a nice card and giving them a small Starbucks gift card would be more than enough.  To be honest, just giving a card is fine.  I think we're all so concerned with Keeping Up With The Joneses that we forget the idea behind the party- to celebrate those who are close to us.  As for the sales focused parties- people are expecting you to buy something and that's why you're invited so take a pass on them unless you're in the market for some Tupperware or a new necklace.

Take care,

Kelly McKay