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Daily Dilemma- "and guest?"

Dear Kelly,

I was invited to a friend's wedding and the invitation read "And Guest".  So I RSVPd and said I was bringing someone with me.  Then my friend called to ask me who I planned to bring as my date and after I told her she said she'd rather I didn't.  She told me that she'd rather not have a stranger at her wedding and that she'd prefer I bring a mutual friend as  a date.  I've recently just met this guy and already told him about the wedding.  How can I now uninvited him to go with me?


Seriously Confused

Dear S.C.,

I think your friend is nuts.  You can't invite someone to a party and tell them they can bring a guest and then direct them to bring a person of their choosing.  That's crazy!  If you have a party and don't want your guests bringing a plus one, just makes sure to stipulate that on the invitation.  I think you should stick with your plans of bringing your new guy to her wedding.  However, make an attempt before then to introduce the two of them.  Get the group out for a drink and bring him along.  She might be upset that you've met someone and haven't talked to her about it and simply lashed out by setting ridiculous wedding rules. 

Keep me posted,

Kelly McKay

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