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Daily Dilemma- Controlling Or Attentive?

Dear Kelly,

I'm dating a man who my friends say has control issues, and they've been trying to convince me to stop seeing him.  I think they're overreacting because the things they deem as controlling I feel are his way of showing affection for me.  He calls, texts, and emails me several times a day.  He always wants to know what I'm doing and who I'm with, and he likes to take me shopping because he says he likes to see me in clothes he's picked out for me.  I got my hair dyed blonde because he asked me too, and that's when my friends freaked out.  I really don't understand why they're concerned.  I like this guy a lot, and he treats me like a queen so what's wrong with that?


In Like

Dear I.L.,

I can see both sides of the situation.  On one hand, it is a bit concerning that this man wants to dress you and choose your hair color.  Do you know anything about his past?  Who is he wanting you to look like?  If I were your friend I'd be a bit worried as well.  I'm not as concerned by the constant calls and texts, or the questions about your activities, because some people get pretty gung-ho about a new relationship and don't realize when they're being obsessive.  I suggest you go with your gut and try not to consider how much money he spends on you when deciding whether or not to continue dating him.

Keep me posted,

Kelly McKay

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