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Daily Dilemma- Spoiled Rotten By Daddy

Dear Kelly,

I have a 9 year old daughter who is spoiled rotten by her father.  I do my best to keep her grounded and yet every time I try to punish her for doing something wrong, he intervenes and tells me I'm being too hard on her.  She mouthed off to me the other day, and called me a name while stomping out of the room, while I was on the phone with a client so I took her cellphone away.  She threw a fit and, of course, dad gave it back to her.  At this point I want to tell them both to pack their bags and move out because, at this rate, I don't want to be around when she becomes a teenager.


Wanting To Run

Dear Wanting,

Well you can't kick your child to the curb because your man is an idiot.  Instead, you first have to lay down the law with him, make him adhere to it, and if he doesn't- kick HIM to the curb.   If you let him have his way your daughter will become one of those Mean Girls we all got bullied by in High School and your resentment for both of them will grow.  Side note: it seems to me your husband doesn't respect you.  Do you have any idea why that might be?  I suggest you get to marriage counseling A.S.A.P and find out so you can raise your daughter with manners, humility, and some sense that God (and you) gave her!

Good luck,

Kelly McKay

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