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Daily Dilemma-Aspiring Detective

Hi Kelly,

We've had problems with vandalism in our neighborhood for several months and, over the weekend, I saw something that leads me to believe my friend's son is behind it all.  My husband and I were at their place for dinner when I walked by his bedroom and noticed him hiding a big duffle bag under his bed.  I didn't think anything of it at first because he's in sports, but then the next day more neighbors reported that their fence and homes were tagged and their cars vandalized.  I started putting two and two together when another neighbor reported seeing a young man running through the path by their house carrying a big duffle bag the same night as the recent acts of vandalism.  Do I talk to my friend about my thoughts or do I go to the police?


Aspiring Detective

Dear A.D.,

Before going to the police with your suspicions ask your friend to look in the duffle bag you saw her son put under his bed.  Tell her the truth; that you saw him hide it the night of the dinner- the same night as the vandalism and the same night the report came in about the young guy carrying a duffle bag.  Although your friend may be upset with you for accusing her son, there's no way she won't go into his room to look around.  If she finds something, let her handle it how she sees fit.   If she doesn't find anything, I think you're going to have to put your suspicions aside and chalk it up to coincidence. Eventually, the police will catch the person behind the crimes.  They typically do.

Keep me posted,

Kelly McKay