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Daily Dilemma- Crazy Dog Lady

Dear Kelly,

I saw your post on Facebook yesterday about people who dress up their dogs and it hit a nerve.  I have a Pomeranian that loves being dressed up but I'm married to a man who says that type of "hobby" needs to stay at home, and he refuses to be seen with me if Suzy is in her clothes.  I asked him to take her to the vet once, because he was off work and I wasn't, and I really wanted her to be wearing her favorite coat at her appointment because I know how stressed she gets.  Well, he took her to the vet without anything on and she came home a nervous wreck.  How can I get through to him that this is not a hobby and that Suzy wants and needs to wear clothes?


I Dress My Dog

Dear I.D.M.D.,

I'm with your husband- to a point.  Although I seriously doubt Suzy NEEDS to wear clothes in order to feel good about herself, (I mean, she is a dog after all!) I don't see what the big deal is.   If you want to be redundant and put clothes on an animal that's already sporting a suit of fur, more power to you.  Just don't be surprised when friends, family, and perfect strangers chuckle a little over the sigh.    Bottom line: admit to your husband that dressing Suzy is your hobby and then tell him not to look if it's that upsetting to him.  To be honest, I think he's getting a little too worked up over something silly when life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

Take care,

Kelly McKay

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