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Daily Dilemma- OnLine Shopping Issues

Dear Kelly,

I ordered an outfit recently on line from a company I've never used before and am having difficulties returning it.  I didn't like how the outfit looked on me so I sent it back, without having worn it, but the company is telling me they can't refund my money- they can only give me a credit to use for something else.  I do realize there were stipulations in returns; for example, the tags had to be on the clothes, but I never took the tags off so I don't know what the problem is.  I don't want to have to pick something else out and run the risk of not liking it either.

Now what?

Unhappy On-Line Shopper

Dear Unhappy,

This is exactly why I limit my on-line purchases to anything and everything but clothes!  Unless it's a t-shirt, you really do run the risk of ordering something and then having to jump through hoops to return it when it doesn't fit.  Instead of trying to fight with this company about their return policies, just find something on their site that is one size fits all and order that.  Accessories are always a safe on-line purchase and, if you can't find anything that floats your boat, maybe you can find something you can gift to a friend or family member on their next birthday.

Good luck!

Kelly McKay

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