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Daily Dilemma- What's He Up To?

Hi Kelly,

A neighbor told me she saw my ex at my house the other day looking in my mailbox.  Since he hasn't lived with me for a year I'm sure he wasn't looking to see if he got any mail sent to my address and I know he didn't put anything in the box for me, so what was he doing?  When I emailed him to ask he denied ever being there and now I don't know what to do.



Dear Paranoid,

You have every reason to be freaked out over him checking out your mail and then lying about it.  If you have any technologically savvy friends ask for help installing a camera so you can record what goes on in front of your home while you're away at work.  Maybe you can catch him in the act and score evidence to take to the police when filing charges against him.  Since tampering with mail is a federal offense, you can't let this go.  Not to mention, what's he up to?  Is he stalking you?  Or is he stealing your identity?  Regardless, get to the bottom of it and then report him.

Good luck!

Kelly McKay