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Daily Dilemma- Hiding Behind Religion

Dear Kelly,

I need to vent about an obnoxious co-worker before I lose it and say something to her face about how much she annoys me.  She's the type of person who hides behind religion in order to be rude and self-involved.  For example, another office pal had the sniffles and Ms. What'sInItForMe gave her some tissue.  Then, a couple of days later, she noticed that our office mate had a box of tissues on her desk and walked over and said, "you owe me some Kleenex".  We both thought she was joking but she wasn't.  When there's free food in the break room she would trip a senior citizen to get to it, and yet she volunteers at shelters and food pantries and is really active in her church.  Even worse, she talks badly about her ex and mentions constantly how disappointed she is in her kids.  She's full of hate and yet has most people believing she's a saint, just because she goes to church.


God Help Me

Dear G.H.M.,

I think everyone reading this email knows someone just like your co-worker.  The problem is, even if you did get in her face to tell her how rude and self-involved she is- she'd never believe you.  In her mind and heart she truly believes she's a God fearing person who is living right by the Lord- because she goes to church.  Instead of worrying about what she's doing and how she's behaving at work, try even harder to be the better person and to do unto others as you know you should.  In fact, I think a run to CVS for a box of tissues is in order.  Tomorrow you can put it on her desk with a note that reads, "from a friend."  Then every time she uses a Kleenex you'll have a reason to smile.

Hang in there,

Kelly McKay 

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