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Daily Dilemma- Family Facebook Fight

Dear Kelly,

My sister-in-law called my husband to basically yell at him over the photos we've posted on our family Facebook page.  She's upset because there are no photos of them on our page, but there are photos of my husband's other sibling and his family.  Well, the problem is that my sister-in-law is a stick in the mud and never wants to do anything when invited.  And, by a miracle of God, if she does show up for a family function she just sits around and glares.  So of course we don't have any picture of her on our page.  Even though I think this is a silly fight my husband is very upset and wants to make amends.  He thinks we should invite her to visit for a weekend so we can spend some quality time together and hopefully some Facebook photo worthy moments.  Personally, I'm not interested!


Not Playing Nice

Dear Not Playing,

I agree with you.  Your sister-in-law is a ding dong who needs to grow up.  The photos that you have on your page are none of her business.  If she wants people to see photos of her family she can post them and then share them on your page.  However, I'm thinking the ridiculous Facebook fight has less to do with your social media page and more to do with her feeling left out of the fun.  Even though she has been a stick-in-the-mud in the past invite her up for a weekend and give her the opportunity to lighten up.  You never know, she might surprise you.

Good luck!

Kelly McKay

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