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Daily Dilemma-Married To A Ticking Time Bomb

Dear Kelly,

My husband is under a lot of stress at work and, because of that, he's been eating a lot of junk and gaining a lot of weight.  Beyond his appearance, I really worry about his health.  He's in his mid-40's and he never exercises.  I want to help him but when I make healthy dinners he brings home fast food or orders pizza.  I've also attempted to get him to go to the gym with me but he refuses saying he's too tired. 


Married To A Ticking Time Bomb

Dear Married,

I think you need to make an appointment for your husband to get a full physical with stress test.  Make the appointment and take time off work so you can go with him and hear what the doctor has to say.  If your husband argues with you, and says he doesn't need to see a doctor, insist and do whatever you have to do to get him there.  He could have a hormone deficiency or he could be suffering from depression- either would cause fatigue and lack of motivation.  Next, instead of asking him to go to the gym ask him to go for a walk around the block.  Even the slightest bit of physical activity is better than none.  As for his nutrition, once he feels better he'll be more motivated to make healthy choices.  Until then, make homemade pizza and choose the ingredients wisely, buy low fat ice cream, whole grain chips, and cookies with lower sugars and no trans fats.  It's a start!

Keep me posted,
Kelly McKay

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