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Daily Dilemma- In A Pickle

Hi Kelly,

I promised a friend of mine I'd help her paint this weekend but at the time I didn't have anything on the calendar.  Now my boyfriend wants to take me to Asheville and has already booked a room for this weekend.  So you can understand my dilemma.  My friend needs to paint her entire apartment, in order to get her down payment back, and I seriously doubt she can do it alone.  So who do I disappoint?  A friend of 15 years or a guy I've only been dating for 6 months?


In A Pickle

Dear I.A.P.,

Talk to your friend and explain your situation then gauge her reaction when you tell her about the weekend getaway to Asheville before you decide what to do.  If she has a little more time before she has to move out, you could always promise to paint with her Monday and Tuesday night after work.  If she gets started this weekend and then you join her at the beginning of the week, she could be out by Wednesday.  If she freaks out because she needs to be out by Monday, you may need to delay getaway plans.

Take care,

Kelly McKay

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