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Daily Dilemma- Foul Mouthed 6-Year-Old

Dear Kelly,

I'm getting calls from my 6-year-old daughter's teacher because she's been saying things around her classmates that she's learned from her big sister.  I've had talks with both of my girls about their language and I've made it clear that it's unacceptable to say those things at anytime, anywhere.  Yet it keeps happening.  I don't know if my older one is doing it on purpose because she thinks it's funny but, regardless, I need her to help me resolve the situation instead of egging it on.  How can I make that happen?


At My Wits End

Dear At,

You're the parent so you don't need your older daughter to be on board with you wanting your younger daughter to behave.  But you do need to make it clear to her that teaching her younger sibling rude things is unacceptable.  To do that you need to stop telling her that her behavior is unacceptable, you need to punish her; by taking away her cell phone, computer, spending money, etc.  If she's not going to abide by your rules in your home then why are you giving her privileges?   As for your younger daughter, she needs to be punished too; an earlier bedtime, no special TV show before bed, etc.  She may only be 6 but she's old enough to know when she's saying something she shouldn't be saying- especially since she's already been told by her teacher and you!

Good luck,

Kelly McKay

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