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Daily Dilemma-Computer Illiterate


Dear Kelly,


My youngest daughter got into my Amazon account on my computer and did some on-line shopping to the tune of $1,000.  When the first package arrived I wasn't home and she opened it and just put it in her room.  Then a second package came and a third package.  Finally, after doing some investigating, I found out what had happened.  Although everything is being returned to Amazon I want to know how you can prevent your computer from remembering a password when you haven't checked the "remember my password" box.  Add to that, I don't want my credit card information stored on any site and yet that happens too.




Computer Illiterate


Dear C.I.,


I think we're related!  I've had the same issue with Amazon keeping my password/credit card info and have only found one solution to the problem.  I regularly clear my browsing history.  In doing that the next user of the computer would have to manually enter any and all passwords for Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc.  I think Amazon sets up their website to remember passwords and info on purpose.  It makes it so much more tempting to shop when all you do is look at something and then click a couple of buttons to make a purchase.  Scary that once someone is on your Amazon they can buy whatever they want since the credit card info is there and they don't always ask for confirmation of the security code at check out! 


Good luck,


Kelly McKay



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