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Daily Dilemma- Co-worker/Stalker


A co-worker of mine has been going through some tough times personally so I gave her my information and told her to give me a call if she ever wanted to talk.  Well, although I really did want to help her if I could, I now wish I could take it all back.  She called me four times over the weekend and text me too many times to count.  And now she's asked to go to lunch with me this week and I don't think she means just once.  Beyond looking for a new job, how do I get myself out of this mess?


Just Too Nice

Dear J.T.N.,

Yikes!  What an awkward situation to be in.  Of course you can't quit your job to avoid your new best friend so, instead, be direct with her and tell her that you can't talk as often as she'd like as you have a pretty busy life with lots of friends and family who need you.  Once you've made it clear, in a subtle way, that she's calling too often- just ignore her calls and texts.  If you have a free half hour one night give her a call to check on her.  Next, make plans for lunch once and then, if she asks to do lunch more often, tell her you run errands during lunch so you'll have to pass.  In time, she should lighten up but- worst case scenario- you may have to be blatant and tell her that she's calling you too much and it's stressing you out.

Good luck!

Kelly McKay

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