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Daily Dilemma- Hubby Is In TROUBLE!

Dear Kelly,

My husband volunteered me to take over the "joy" of cooking Sunday dinner for the entire family.  Something that has been a family tradition for his family his entire life.  Up until recently his mom hosted but she's not doing well.  When I heard about her not wanting to cook for everyone my thought was, "Yeah! Now I can have my family to myself on Sunday!"  WRONG!  I'm so furious with my husband for doing this to me but I don't know how to get out of it without making everyone hate me.


Wanting An Out

Dear Wanting,

Too bad you can't get a doctor's note explaining that you can't be on your feet for too long, or that the heat from the stove causes you to feel faint.   If only!  I'm sad to say but you're going to have to take the honest approach.  Contact all the women in the family and tell them your husband is a Ding Dong.  Let them know that it's not humanly possible for you to handle Sunday dinners for over 20 people every week from here on out.  Odds are they already know that but are hoping you don't speak up so they can dodge the cooking-duty bullet.  Offer up the idea of doing a monthly dinner and rotating the hosting and cooking duties.  I think, in this day and age, traditions should change with the times.  Everyone is busy and overschedule and Sunday dinner at home with the family would probably be a welcomed treat.

Take care,

Kelly McKay

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