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Daily Dilemma- Wants To Move Out

Dear Kelly,

I'm a college student still living at home and I'm thinking about moving out but need some advice.  I love my mom with all my heart but her mood swings are out of control.  One minute she tells me she so happy I'm still at home, and she can't imagine not seeing me every day, then the next minute she tells me I need to grow up and get my own life.  Just when I think she's in a good mood and we're talking and laughing, she starts crying and then gets mad about nothing in particular.  At this point I'm afraid she might smother me with a pillow while I'm sleeping so I'm thinking about moving out but I'm worried about what my leaving might do to her.


Concerned Daughter

Dear C.D.,

Your mom may be going through menopause and should make an appointment with her doctor to discuss options for handling the mood swings and other symptoms that go along with that hormonal hell.  Have a chat with her and try to encourage her to get some help.  As for you,  I think it's a great idea for you (or any college student) to get a roommate and move out of the house as soon as possible.  Reason being, a part of becoming an adult is learning how to struggle financially until you've mastered the art of living on a budget; keeping all the bills paid while managing to have a little fun money too.  Your mom may think she's doing you a favor by letting you live there but she's really preventing you from becoming independent.

Start packing!

Kelly McKay

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