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Daily Dilemma: Is he gay?

Dear Kelly,


My friend has been dating a guy for a little over a month and she thinks it's weird that they haven't slept together yet.  She's even invited him to spend the night with her but he made some excuse not to.  There has been a little kissing after dates but that's it.  Do you think his lack of interest in her sexually means he's just not interested in her?




Just Wondering


Dear J.W.,


Either the guy is struggling with his sexuality or he's saving himself for marriage.  I'm leaning towards the latter because, in this day and age, most people are too embarrassed to share their religious beliefs with others.  Instead of wondering I think she needs to flat out ask him if he's waiting until he's married to be with someone.  If he says YES she should feel lucky to have met him.  If he says NO then she may want to pass on seeing him again.  A no to the religious question would mean he's probably gay- as most guys who aren't that into a gal would blow her off immediately or use her for a booty call. 


Keep me posted,