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Daily Dilemma- Trying To Do My Job

Dear Kelly,

I got a promotion at work 6 months ago and I'm worried about how my review is going to go this week.  Reason being, when hired I was given a list of responsibilities.  Once I settled into my job I realized that someone else was taking care of something that was on my list.  When I asked why she was doing it my manager told me to just let it go.  But, because I can't do that, I told my manager that I thought it best I oversee the work being done by my co-worker, since the project was something I was supposed to be doing anyway, and my manager got angry and told me to mind my own business.  Is it me or is this a no-win situation?


Trying To Do My Job

Dear Trying,

If there's someone other than your manager who was responsible for writing your job description, you need to go to that person to resolve the situation.  You have every right to be concerned about someone you don't know handling work that you're supposed to be doing.  If she screws it up both she and your manager can turn around and blame it on you.  How convenient for them.  As for your review, I think you have a much bigger problem on your hands.  You're working for someone who doesn't play by the rules and seems to play favorites.  That being said, you need to document every attempt to follow through on your job; save every email, voice mail, take notes in face-to-face meetings etc, and then be prepared to share that documentation with someone higher up. 

Good Luck!

Kelly McKay

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