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Daily Dilemma-An Awkward Un-Invite

Dear Kelly,

I have an awkward situation on my hands and need some advice.  I invited a few people over for a dinner party and, one of them, mentioned the party to another friend who wasn't invited- and now she wants to know why.  I specifically did not want her at the party because I'm trying to play Matchmaker with two particular friends and she's such a flirt I know she'd end up going home with the guy I'm really hoping hits it off with my other pal.  Needless to say, I can't really tell her that she wasn't invited because she's a drunken slut who doesn't know how to keep it zipped- can I?


What Do I Tell Her?

Dear What,

I think you can politely tell her what you wrote above in order to make it clear you want to keep the party small.   Let her know about your specific intention behind the party and tell her, because she's always the life of the party, you're afraid that her presence would prevent your other friends from time to get to know one another.  Then, let her know you'll see her another time.  You shouldn't feel guilty for not including her at the dinner.  If she were better behaved, maybe you would have!

Take care,

Kelly McKay

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