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Daily Dilemma-I Made a Huge Mistake

Hi Kelly,

I made a huge mistake.  I nagged my husband into hiring my best friend's brother and now he's turned out to be a huge slacker on the job.  My husband is really mad at me but I'm just as surprised as him over what a bad employee he is.  I've known the guy for years and always thought he was a nice, funny, and hardworking guy.  Besides, you'd think he'd be working extra hard considering he's working for his sister's best friend's husband.  WRONG!  So, now what?  My husband wants to fire him but I'm worried about how my friend will feel.


I Shouldn't Have Bothered

Dear Shouldn't Have,

I think your husband should sit that guy down for a "Come To Jesus" conversation about his work ethic.  He needs to know that he's a slacker who's got one foot out of the door and he needs to consider how his getting fired will affect his sister- who (I'm guessing) had planted a bug in your ear about recommending him in the first place.  If brutal honesty doesn't help light a fire under his rear your husband will have no choice but to fire him.  And, if that happens, your friend will have to just get over it. 


Kelly McKay