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Daily Dilemma- She's Dating A Guy Man

Dear Kelly,

A friend of mine is dating a gay man yet refuses to believe it, even though she's been shown pictures of him being affectionate towards another man.  When confronted with the photos she said that he's just a friendly guy and that his hugs and kisses don't mean anything.  I then added that the guy he was "just being friendly" towards in the photo was the ex he was with for two years.  That's when she accused me of lying out of jealousy and added that he can't be gay because he's good in bed.  I know he's using her as a beard but I don't know what I can do to help her when she's in complete denial of reality.

Please help,

A Worried Friend

Dear Worried,

I can understand why you're worried about your friend but this is her choice/mistake to make.  None of us gets through life without ever looking back while asking ourselves "what the heck was I thinking", so this may be your friend's turn to do just that.  As long as this man treats her well, is kind to her, and makes her happy….who cares who he was with in the past.  I say leave well enough alone and let her live her life.  Who knows, maybe he's bisexual and is really in love with her.  Only time will tell.

Take care,

Kelly McKay

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