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Daily Dilemma-Mixed Signals

Hi Kelly,

I met a gal through friends that I really like.  I thought she liked me too, but she never wants to go out with me alone unless we're going to a movie.  If I ask her to dinner or out for drinks she always says yes and then adds, "let me call so-and-so to join us".  Is she trying NOT to have to talk to me?  Should I stop asking her out?  I'm really confused.


Bad At Dating

Dear B.A.D.,

You aren't bad at dating…that woman is great at giving mixed signals!  I don't think you should give up on asking her out but, the next time you do and she tries to invite someone else, speak up and tell her that you'd rather it just be the two of you for dinner or drinks.  Depending on her reaction, you'll know whether she's been trying NOT to have to talk to you or that she's just bad at dating.  In the meantime, go out with the gang and be your fun-loving self.  Hopefully she really does like you back so you can have a solo date soon!

Good luck,

Kelly McKay

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