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Daily Dilemma-About To Be Screwed

Hi Kelly,

I have an aggravating situation on my hands and wondered if any of your listeners are in the travel industry and have any advice for me.  I had been planning for months to take my parents on a cruise.  They were really excited about it, everything has been paid for, and we're supposed to go in March.  Well, after the news about the ship stranded near the Gulf Of Mexico my parents don't want to go.  Keep in mind, it's not like I'd just planned a simple trip to Florida.  Plane tickets have been purchased and a 7 day cruise has been booked and I didn't get travel insurance!


About To Be Screwed

Dear About,

Don't panic yet.  The news is upsetting, especially for those who have had limited experience in traveling and have never been on a cruise, but the incident is a rarity.  I think it would help if you shared some statistics with them and compared the fear of cruise ships with the fear of flying.  For example, thousands of cruises take place each month yet it's rare for us to hear of accidents, illnesses, fire, etc.  It's more likely you'll win the lottery than have something horrible happen to you during a cruise or a flight.  Keep talking to them about it and, if they still don't want to go, pay to change their flights and let them go wherever they want.  Then talk to the cruise line and see if you can take someone else on the trip with you.

Best of luck!

Kelly McKay