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Daily Dilemma- Mom-To-Be


Hi Kelly,




I'm 6 months pregnant and my husband just told me that he's met someone else and wants a divorce.  Beyond being heart broken I'm really terrified that I won't be able to take care of the baby on my own.  Although my mom lives in town she's got Alzheimer's so, obviously, she's not going to be a support system for me.  I have lots of friends but how much of me leaning on them can they take?  I'm terrified and feel completely alone and needed to share.












Dear M.T.B.,




I think you should give your friends a chance to be there for you.  First things first, tell them what's going on and let them help you get set up in a new place or at least redecorate your current home in order to get rid of any signs of the soon-to-be-ex.  Then choose a friend to be in the delivery room with you when the baby comes.  I don't think you realize what an honor it would be for one of your friends to help you at such an important time.  And, finally, don't hesitate to call someone to come over when you feel overwhelmed with your baby.  Even your single, childless friends can change diapers and hold and feed a newborn.  Believe it or not, they might even enjoy it!




Please keep in touch,



Kelly McKay


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