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Daily Dilemma- Soon To Be Single

Dear Kelly,


A friend of mine went to a conference at the same time my husband did, because they're in the same industry.  When she went to the hotel bar one night she saw him sitting with a woman and talking and drinking with her.  At first she thought nothing of it but then she saw him touch the woman's hand.  Of course she called me immediately and I called him, but he ignored my call and didn't return it for hours.  He claims that nothing happened and that he was just being friendly with a colleague, and I say that any physical contact with someone of the opposite sex is cheating!


Who's right?

Soon To Be Single

Dear S.T.B.S.,


If your husband had answered the phone while sitting there with his business associate, I would say that your friend was reading into the hand touching gesture.  However, since he ignored your call and didn't return it for hours, my guess is that he was enjoying flirting with that woman and that possibly something more than that happened after they left the bar.  No one really knows except your husband and that gal.  Now, what do you do about it?  If your husband travels for a living and he's already behaved in a way that caused you to lose trust in him, can you continue to be married to him?  I think the two of you need counseling to figure that out….and time!

Keep me posted,


Kelly McKay

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