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Daily Dilemma- Unhappy In Charlotte

Dear Kelly,

I moved to Charlotte for my boyfriend and I'm struggling to make new friends and find a job I like.  Meanwhile, he's as happy as a clam.  He loves his job, he goes to after work parties weekly, and he just doesn't understand why I can't "get it together".  On top of the lack of emotional support I took a pay cut in order to move here with him and I'm having a tough time making my basic bills, and he's not offering to help.  He asked me to move with him, it wasn't the other way around.  Don't you think he should be bending over backwards to help me get settled?


Unhappy In Charlotte

Dear Unhappy,

I went through a similar situation when I moved to Tampa with a boyfriend and, although the relationship did end because of it, some good came of the move as well.  I made friends there who are now like my second family, and my career took a major turn for the better.  At first, I did consider moving back to Ohio but I'm really glad now that I spent a couple of years trying to make it work before throwing in the towel.  You just got to town.  Please give yourself a chance to find happiness, with or without that guy.  Crash his after work parties and mix and mingle with his friends and network with his co-workers to make more friends and find leads for jobs.  DO NOT cry about your life before trying to change it. 

Good luck and hang in there!

Kelly McKay

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