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Daily Dilemma-Keeping It Zipped

Dear Kelly,

My best friend had a baby a month ago and she claims she was early.  However, after seeing the baby for the first time I know she was lying in order to protect her secret.  Her husband was still overseas when she got pregnant and that baby is the spitting image of their neighbor.  If I can see it, I'm sure her husband will eventually know the truth.  My dilemma is do I confront her with my suspicions or just go on pretending she and her husband have a new child together?


Keeping It Zipped

Dear K.I.Z.,

I think you need to keep your thoughts to yourself.  If she really is your friend and she did something she's ashamed of that could risk her marriage, odds are she would have told you by now.  She very well could have delivered the baby early, not to mention there's a very strong chance that you're the only one who believes their new child looks a little like the neighbor.  Don't open your mouth when there's a good chance you'll end up with your foot in it while being one friend down!

Thanks for writing,

Kelly McKay

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