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Daily Dilemma- Is He A Player?

Dear Kelly,

I have a new boyfriend I'm pretty crazy about but my friends are telling me that I need to tread lightly.  They don't like what he does for a living and they think that his job immediately makes him a player.  He's a bartender, he's in his 40's and he's a single dad with full custody of his son.   Add to that, he told me that he's never dated a customer before because he had a rule- but then he met me.  I think he's amazing and don't want my friends to judge him before even getting to know him.


Falling Hard

Dear Falling,

I'm not judging your boyfriend, I'm just realistic and find it hard to believe that any lifetime bartender could avoid dating a customer for so many years in the business.  Regardless, if you're crazy about him and enjoying being with him, does it really matter who he dated before he met you?  Whether he met his ex in a Starbucks or sitting across from him at the bar where he works, the past is the past and as long as the both of you leave it there it shouldn't matter. 

Good luck!

Kelly McKay

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