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Daily Dilemma- Groupon Hating Business

Hi Kelly,

I had an odd experience over the weekend when I got some friends together and went to a local business to do some glass making.  The owner of the business had an attitude with me and even said, in front of everyone, that using groupons causes businesses to suffer.  That comment threw me for a loop but I let it go and continued to do my thing.  Then I asked about a particular piece of art that I wanted to make and she basically told me that I couldn't.  I'm sure she didn't want me to use a groupon to do anything expensive, but I wasn't planning on doing it that morning I was thinking of coming back another time….that was, until she treated us like we were unwelcome in her business.  So, my question, if businesses suffer because of groupons then why do they agree to be a part of them?


Angry Aspiring Artist!

Dear A.A.A.,

That business owner is a complete ding dong.  She obviously signed up to participate with the groupon program and, even if she lost money in doing so, the program does a lot of good in getting new customers in the door.  After that it's up to quality customer service to ensure that new clients because regular customers paying regular rates.  Needless to say, she failed miserably in her mission.  I'm glad you wrote and I'm sorry that your groupon party with the gals ended up being so awkward. 

Thanks for writing,

Kelly McKay

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