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Daily Dilemma- Craig's List Car

Hi Kelly,

My husband and I sold our 10 year car on Craigs List for exactly what a dealer would offer us in trade-in.  When the guy called we told him it needed an alternator but otherwise ran fine.  We told him we were selling it as is.  Then the next day he called cussing up a storm accusing us of selling him a lemon.  I reminded him we sold a 10 year old car as is and told him to get it into a shop A.S.A.P. for an alternator.  It's not our fault that he didn't listen.  He's not asking for his money back, he's calling and emailing in an attempt to harass us into paying for repairs.  Beyond changing our phone number and email, how can we get him to leave us alone?


I Hate Craigs List!

Dear I.H.C.L.,

If the guy continues to harass you you're going to have to call the police and file a report.  Call the non-emergency number and they'll either have you go in or send someone to your house to take your statement.  Bottom line:  You did nothing wrong.  You couldn't have been more clear about the car's condition and what repairs were needed in order for it to run well.  He bought a 10 year old car so what was he expecting? 

Keep me posted,

Kelly McKay

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